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Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

the roller shutter with adjustable slats




"The functionality is in simple things"

Alika is...

Alika is an aluminium roller shutter shading system with adjustable slats, it can be raised and lowered and which retracts like a standard roller blind. In its lowest position Alika allows the gradual orientation of the slats to adjust the levels of light and air entering the room. It has a smooth and noiseless operating. With Alika is possible to live their own spaces with the maximum comfort, without sacrificing privacy. The using of Alika is simple and affordable for everyone, it can be operated with common electric motors available on the market (with the push-buttons or via their remote controls). Alika can be integrated into domotic systems, it contributes to energy saving and to the passive safety of the house.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

The adjustable system

The adjustable system allows to gradually adjust all the slats from 0° to 90°, to pass from the darkness to the progressive adjustment of the light and air. The particular design of the slats favours, in case of rain, the flowing of the water toward the outside even in the position of maximum opening.

The functionality in the time of Alika is guaranteed by its simplicity, the orientation of the slats is automatic and natural because of its own weight force. All the components have been carefully designed for the maximum strength and the best ergonomic in order to have an easy and fast cleaning.

Quality is in the raw materials

The overall quality of a product is tested over the time, for this reason Alika uses the best raw materials and the most advanced technologies available on the market. Primary aluminium, stainless steel and special plastic materials are the main materials that Alika uses, so it is also 100% recyclable. Alika is a maintenance free and a "made in Italy" certified product.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

Not just any painting...

Thanks to the big experience of Kikau in the aluminium industrial surface coating, Alika receives an unique and absolute painting process. The Kikau technology integrates online the anodizing and the powder coating, according to the highest quality standards.

Anodizing + Painting = Warranty

As well known, the anodic oxidation of the aluminium is the only treatment that stops the filiform corrosion forming and guarantees the best resistance in time of the product to the most aggressive atmospheric agents, even in marine areas. The anodic oxidation is a non-toxic and ecological process used also in the food industry. Kikau uses only paints in pure polyester powder, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Principali caratteristiche tecniche di Alika

Main technical characteristics of Alika

- Weight of the roller shutter curtain: 10.5 Kg/sqm
   (Excluding guides, pulleys, roller tube)
- Roller shutter curtain thickness: 15.5 mm (inside the guide)
- Slat spacing: 60 mm
- Maximum dimensions possible with single sheet:
   200 cm in width | 280 cm in height
- Compliance with UNI EN 13659:
   Wind resistance Class 6
   Mechanical strength Class 3
   Solar factor Gtot: Class 4 (With glass type C)

- Wrapping diameters
Architectural Height Wrapping diameter
Hi (mm) Da (mm)
1200 175
1400 190
1600 205
1800 215
2000 220
2200 230
2300 235
2400 240
2500 245
2600 250
2700 255
2800 260

Attention: due to the functional characteristics of the product and the necessary mechanical tolerances that ensure its correct operation in the time, it is not possible to guarantee total dimming. Therefore slight light passages that may occur between the slats and on the side components fall within the product standard. N.B .: with light colored accessories and slats the dimming performance is lower.



"Quality and Technology"

Alika Patent pending

Patent pending

Alika is the first rolling shutter with adjustable slats from 0° to 90°, compatible with the standard guides and standard roller blind box.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

Easy and simple

Alika allows an easy installation and it is easy to use, like a normal roller shutter.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

Comfort and privacy

The gradual adjustment system of the slats guarantees the maximum comfort and at the same time the maximum privacy.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

Reliable and noiseless

Alika does not use any complex mechanism, the slats are oriented in an automatic and natural way because of their own weight force. The operation of Alika is smooth and noiseless.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

Compatible with domotic

Alika can be integrated into domotic systems.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

More security

Alika is made of reinforced aluminum profiles and stainless steel components that contribute to increase the passive safety of the house.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

Energy saving

Alika helps to reduce the energy costs of the house.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

Zero maintenance

Alika is maintenance free. The special component design allows a fast and easy cleaning; the cleaning is also safe thanks to the rounded forms and to the protection of the cuts and sharp edges.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

100% environmentally friendly

We use only ecological raw materials. The exclusive Kikau process of oxidation and aluminium painting has zero environmental impact, it is without chrome and without toxic substances. Alika is 100% recyclable.

Alika tapparella orientabile

Care to design

Extra care and attention to the design of each component, to the choice of the finishes and colors.
Alika won the award "Archiproducts Design Awards 2017".

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

CE mark

Alika is CE marked in compliance with UNI EN 13659.

Alika the roller shutter with adjustable slats

Made in Italy



"Not just any painting"

Thanks to the big experience of Kikau in the aluminium industrial surface coating,
Alika receives an unique and absolute painting process.

RAL 9010

RAL 1013

RAL 6005

RAL 6009

Gothic green

RAL 7004

RAL 9006

Gothic gray

RAL 8017

Gothic brown

Medium Walnut

Puglia Walnut

Chestnuu PVC-C

Chestnuu PVC-S

Green Veined

Ancient Oak

di serie












Other colors and finishes : availability, cost and delivery time to be evaluated on specific request.
Swatches and indicative finishes. Check correspondence with bribe KIKAU colors.

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Video Gallery

"Discover Alika"

Alika preview

Alika is a shutter with adjustable slats able to slide inside guides of the standard and wrap completely inside the box. In the closed position allows Alika the orientation of the slats for so gradual modular to the passage of light and air inside of the environments. With Alika is possible to live their spaces with the utmost comfort, without sacrificing privacy.



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"Notizie, Eventi"

Alika la tapparella orientabile - Winner ADA 2017

Alika la tapparella orientabile - Winner ADA 2017

Siamo felici di annunciare che la nostra Alika la tapparella orientabile Kikau ha vinto l'edizione 2017 degli Archiproducts Design Awards, nella categoria "Componenti e Materiali"!!!

La giuria internazionale, composta da 40 membri (tra i più influenti studi di architettura internazionali), in sinergia con il team Archiproducts Design Awards, ha selezionato Alika tra oltre 600 prodotti candidati, provenienti da tutto il mondo.

Alika è stata premiata per:
- Innovazione
- Concetto
- Facilità di utilizzo

La giuria: Mario Bellini, Ben Van Berkel, Snohetta, Benedetta Tagliabue, Marcio Kogan, Pitsou Kedem, Fran Silvestre, Héctor Esrawe, i29 Architetti interni, Piuarch, Saota, Vudafieri Saverino Partners, Marcente-Testa | Architetti UdA, Masquespacio, Carlo Ratti, Studio Pepe, Architetti Pickering Lazzarini, Fernando Guerra - Architetti LAN, Architettura LAN, Susanna Cots Interior Design, Fernando Alda - Fotografia di Arquitectura, Montse Zamorano - Architettura MECCANICA FOTOGRAFIA, Goneau Design, Marco Costanzi O + A, rete di architettura * Salva Lòpez, Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos, architetti di Apollo.

Visita il sito ADA http://awards.archiproducts.com/winners-2017/

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R+T is the most important fair in the world for roller shutters, doors/gates and shadow systems. We wait for you at Stoccarda!

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